Art by Marco Bagni

Editorial Board:

Martin Kretschmer – Chair, University of Glasgow
Kris Erickson – Principal Investigator, University of Glasgow
Dinusha Mendis – Principal Investigator, Bournemouth University

Ronan Deazley – General Editor, Queen’s University Belfast
Maurizio Borghi – Editor, Bournemouth University
Ruth Towse – Editor, Bournemouth University

Content Credits:

Bartolomeo Meletti – Lead Producer
Marco Bagni – Art Direction, Design and Animation
Davide Bonazzi – Illustrations
Hayleigh Bosher – Copyright Researcher
Sarc:o – Music and SoundFX

Andrew McHugh – Web Development and Administration
Jason Filos – Web Developer
Matt Northam – Web Developer

Academic Contributors:

Maurizio Borghi, Bournemouth University
Hayleigh Bosher, Bournemouth University
Ronan Deazley, Queen’s University Belfast
Laurence Diver, University of Edinburgh
Kris Erickson, University of Glasgow
Benjamin Farrand, University of Strathclyde
James Griffin, University of Exeter
Stavroula Karapapa, University of Reading
Smita Kheria, University of Edinburgh
Martin Kretschmer, University of Glasgow
Bartolomeo Meletti, University of Glasgow
Dinusha Mendis, Bournemouth University
Chris Morrison, University of Kent
Jane Secker, London School of Economics and Political Science
Burkhard Schafer, University of Edinburgh
Ruth Soetendorp, Bournemouth University
Victoria Stobo, University of Glasgow
Ruth Towse, Bournemouth University


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