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Copyright for A-Level Media Studies

An educational web resource which addresses Critical Perspectives in Media, Section B: Contemporary Media Issues. The content is designed to enable teachers to explain the complexity and importance of copyright law for media, and for students to research copyright regulation and demonstrate their understanding within the Contemporary Media Regulation exam question. The focus is to bring together different perspectives on copyright issues, including access, creativity, innovation and piracy. There is a consideration of the historical, contemporary and future copyright issues, with an emphasis on the present day. Case examples include Harry Potter, Netflix and music video parody.



The Game is On! Web Series

Explore the intriguing world of copyright law through a mystery tale set in Sherlock Holmes’ London. The serialised adventure puts intellectual property under the magnifying glass as our detective encounters the remarkable world of copyright law. The video explores issues relating to creativity, the public domain, derivative work and artists’ revenues. Astute viewers with a knowledge of famous cases might be able to guess the solution before our protagonist figures it out, but they will need to have an eye for hidden references. Supplementary ‘case files’ offer explanations to some of the mysteries, and open up topics of interest for copyright learners, creators and the public alike.



Copyright Myth-Reality Cards

Do you have to register your work to obtain copyright protection? Or can you make use of other people’s work without permission as long as you’re not making any money from your use? You can find questions like this all over the internet: ordinary people trying to understand copyright and how it affects them in their lives. But how trustworthy is copyright information available on the internet?

Developed by, these Copyright Myth-Reality cards explore the most common questions, concerns and misconceptions about copyright among internet users. They provide an ideal platform for exploring basic copyright facts as part of any course involving creative or media-related activities. You can download the cards here.