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It is important to note that some of the works available at the following links can be used only in certain countries.

Some examples of places to get works offered under copyright licences:

PRS for Music

Shutterstock: database of photographs and images available on different licences for different fees –

Getty Images UK: database of images, video clips and sound tracks available on different licences for different fees –

WordPress: online blogging site that has a range of themes available for both free and for purchase, available on different licence terms –

Copyright Hub: the Copyright Hub aims to make licensing simpler and provides information about how you can get permission to use somebody else’s work, or how copyright relates to your own work –

WATCH: database of copyright contacts for writers, artists, and prominent people in other creative fields –

Some examples of sites offering works on a Creative Commons basis:

Wikimedia Commons: a database of millions of freely usable media files, like images, sounds and videos –

Jamendo: music for non-commercial use –

Jamendo Pro: music usable for commercial purposes –

Flickr: images, available under a range of various CC licences, however it also contains copyrighted images –

Incompetech: a collection of songs produced by the American artist Kevin MacLeod and distributed under a Creative Commons licence. You can freely use all the songs originally produced by Kevin MacLeod under the only condition of crediting the author –

The Prelinger Archives: a collection of movies that are supposed to be in the public domain in the US –

LibriVox: a collection of free public domain audiobooks (for users in the European Union or Switzerland) –

The Creative Commons webpage also provides the ability to search for a range of different CC-licensed media:



Resources available to filmmakers in the UK:

The Long List of Things that Can’t Be Copyrighted (based on US jurisdiction):

Overview of the current state of implementation of copyright exceptions in 28 EU Member States: